Annual Report 2009
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About Philips Lighting

Philips Lighting is the global market leader, with recognized expertise in the development, manufacturing and application of innovative lighting solutions. We have pioneered many of the key breakthroughs in lighting over the past 100 years, laying the basis for our current position. 

We address people’s lighting needs across a full range of environments. Indoors, we offer specialized lighting solutions for homes, shops, offices, schools, hotels, factories and hospitals. Outdoors, we provide lighting for public spaces, residential areas and sports arenas. We also help to make roads and streets safer for traffic and other road users (car lights and street lighting). In addition, we address the desire for light-inspired experiences through architectural projects. Finally, we offer specific applications of lighting in specialized areas, such as horticulture, refrigeration lighting and signage, as well as heating, air and water purification, and healthcare. 

Philips Lighting spans the entire lighting value chain – from lighting sources, electronics and controls to full applications and solutions – via the following businesses:

  • Lamps: incandescent, halogen, (compact) fluorescent, high-intensity discharge
  • Consumer Luminaires: functional, decorative, lifestyle, scene-setting
  • Professional Luminaires: city beautification, road lighting, sports lighting, office lighting, shop/hospitality lighting, industry lighting
  • Lighting Electronics and Controls: electronic gear, electromagnetic gear, controls
  • Automotive Lighting: car headlights, car signaling, interior
  • Special Lighting Applications: projection, entertainment, purification, comfort heating, light & health
  • Solid-State Lighting components: LUXEON, SnapLED, SuperFlux
  • Solid-State Lighting modules: modules, retrofits, new applications


Our customers are mainly in the professional market. The Lamps business conducts its sales and marketing activities through the wholesale, OEM and consumer channels, the latter also being used by our Consumer Luminaires business. Professional Luminaires is organized in a trade business (commodity products) and a project solutions business (project luminaires and solutions). For the latter, the main focus is on specifiers, lighting designers, architects and urban planners. Automotive Lighting is organized in two businesses: OEM and After-market. Lighting Electronics and Controls, Special Lighting Applications and Solid-State Lighting components and modules conduct their sales and marketing through both the OEM and wholesale channels.  

The lamps industry is highly consolidated, with GE and Siemens/Osram as key competitors. The luminaires industry, on the other hand, is more fragmented. Our competition varies per region and per segment. Our Lighting Electronics and our Automotive Lighting businesses are again more consolidated. Chinese companies are entering Western markets with energy-saving solutions, and there are a range of companies active in the transition to solid-state lighting as well as in the transition to applications and solutions. With the arrival of LED we are increasingly seeing many other businesses enter the lighting space, either on the components side or on the (niche) applications side. 

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